Name えぎはる / egiharu
Location Bandung, Indonesia
Type Music Producer / Illustrator / Animator Producer
Instagram egiharu
Twitter @egi666


2010-2011 Getting to know the character of Hatsune Miku and the first song is Cover Song of OST Gundam Daybreak’s Bell by L’Arc-en-Ciel sung by Hatsune Miku.

2012 Heard someone created the song VOCALOID in Indonesian Namely the song “Venus in Ujung Jari.”

2013 Start searching Vocaloid editor and Install only have 4 Voice Bank (Hatsune Miku Solid V3, Hatsune Miku English, GUMI Native & Yuzuki Yukari V3) * now collection of voicebank pretty much.

2014 Start Addict Vocaloid Song references I downloaded from concert “39 Giving day” and started writing original Song Lyrics.

2015 Start using Vocaloid and Using DAW.

2016 Creating Vocalo-P Channel え ぎ は る / egiharu and November Joint Vocapost and Released 5 indies Single on Bandcamp.

2017 Joint with Record label “Byte Rising” release first album APPENDIX on Amazon, Spotify etc. and Starting Pixiv as an illustrator.

Studio Albums

  • [2017.08.31] APPENDIX (əˈpendiks; Lampiran)
  • [2019.xx.xx] TBA

Cover Albums

  • [2016.12.01] VISUALOID #1 (ヴィスアロイド #1; Bisuaruroido #1)
  • [2017.04.20] VISUALOID #2 (ヴィスアロイド #2; Bisuaruroido #2)
  • [2017.10.24] TBA (Anime Mini Cover Album)


  • [2016.11.19] KITAI / Hanya Kamu (期待 / Hanya Kamu; Expectation / Only You) (Indies)
  • [2017.01.10] KOREKARA NO MEMORI (これからのメモリ) (Indies)
  • [2017.03.10] Hari Hari Penuh Badai (嵐フルの日; A Stormy Day) (Indies)
  • [2017.03.10] Arashifuru no Hi (嵐フルの日; A Stormy Day) (Indies)
  • [2017.06.20] SAKIT HATI (失恋; Shitsuren; Broken Heart) (Indies)
  • [2017.12.20] Fuyu Sakura no Nai (冬桜のない; Winter without Sakura)
  • [2018.01.27] MY BLACK NIGHT (マイ ブラック ナイト)
  • [2018.05.09] Rock ST☆R and, Fxxkin’ ∑DM
  • [2018.07.25] -片目- SEBELAH MATA (Katame; One Eye)
  • [2018.08.11] -花火- H.A.N.A.B.I (Fireworks)
  • [2018.09.01] TBA
  • [2018.12.20] TBA

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